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Why I don't use AS3...

2009-06-03 15:15:42 by Super-Yombario

I get pestered about this almost every time I open Flash. I don't use AS3 because I've already learned AS2, and learning AS3 seems like a fruitless venture being as I'll just be doing the same exact things with it. I don't care if it's easier, faster, or if it has the texture of gold. I save my extra learning for things that people might actually use the source for, like my HTML, CSS, and PHP.


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2009-06-15 16:32:20

I made a new post and I need your opinions.


2009-06-18 17:39:23

My new post might interest ya.


2009-06-26 16:47:44

So thats why all of your stuff sucks?

Super-Yombario responds:

No, that's why people insult me. The reason my stuff "sucks" is because you've:
a) Never seen any of my good work
b) Never submitted or made anything of quality so you don't know how difficult it is to make anything good
c) Never even heard of half of the stuff up there, you just seem to take from it that AS2 is "bad", which it isn't, it's just old.


2009-06-27 11:51:02

I'll be going to NY tomorrow, if you want, you can check my new post for details.


2009-07-03 17:23:59


Super-Yombario responds:

(btw I had checked my comments like 30 seconds before you posted that, wierd O_O)


2009-07-09 00:28:29

Ok- I've never seen any of your good work, fair enough.

I have never submitted anything of quality BUT I can admit that I'm a horrible artist/flash-er? person. And I know how hard it is to make stuff in flash.

I've heard of all of the things up there. AS3 is better but AS2 doesn't suck.

I made fun of you because you keep giving beginners in programming horrible advice like telling them its ok to use deprecated HTML elements like align="center" or whatever, but it is not. <3

Super-Yombario responds:

I had no idea align="center" was deprecated. But it still works. Your computer won't explode if you don't have a doctype, if you use align, or anything like that. If there was a sensible alternative to the textarea tag, I would use that, deprecated or not.

It's all about preference, and he asked what he was doing wrong, I told him what he was doing wrong.


2009-07-11 17:06:32

I saw you're finally learning AS3. It's about time.

Super-Yombario responds:

Actually, I'm not.