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Guess what?

2009-05-13 11:01:22 by Super-Yombario

I actually SUBMITTED something! Pong Engine test! Try it out, and vote 0!


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2009-05-13 11:12:41

that was actually fairly entertaining [ I had an Atari, did YOU]
I voted 5 to spite you


2009-05-13 11:17:03

i voted 5 and made it a favirote to spite you. no one tells me what to do. EVER!!!!!!!!


2009-05-13 11:26:51

Cool, I did reverse psychology without the intention to do so. Thanks guys! And no, I actually didn't ever have an Atari :o


2009-05-13 11:59:58

what i ment to say about the pong is the ball should progressivley speed up when you hit it instead of only when player 2 does


2009-05-18 02:22:43

325? Considering the game's now cheat proof, it's a great score! Did you play the first Hitman game? And other Hitman games?

(Updated ) Super-Yombario responds:

I played Hitman 2 up, and I downloaded the Codename: 47 demo some few times. Never got too far though. Some of the questions were rather tricky, I must say.


2009-05-23 14:46:44

I did NOT try it out an voted 5, because i didn't feel like obeying you! xD


2009-05-25 10:13:59

Made a new post, an interesting one.


2009-06-01 16:10:11

Made a new post about WoW, check it out if you are interested.