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New movie

2009-09-16 16:50:37 by Super-Yombario

I tried my hand at my first animation in 3 years. And what luck, Cyanide and Happiness made a comic that goes with it today!

The Next iPod

Cyanide and Happiness #1797



2009-07-31 14:43:19 by Super-Yombario


Why I don't use AS3...

2009-06-03 15:15:42 by Super-Yombario

I get pestered about this almost every time I open Flash. I don't use AS3 because I've already learned AS2, and learning AS3 seems like a fruitless venture being as I'll just be doing the same exact things with it. I don't care if it's easier, faster, or if it has the texture of gold. I save my extra learning for things that people might actually use the source for, like my HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Guess what?

2009-05-13 11:01:22 by Super-Yombario

I actually SUBMITTED something! Pong Engine test! Try it out, and vote 0!

How to contact me

2009-03-12 11:38:10 by Super-Yombario

AIM: hyliangoombario
MSN: (also email)
Second email: (never checked)
ebuddy: hyliangoombario
GameTap: hylangoombario (not hylian)
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2008-10-16 09:57:03 by Super-Yombario

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